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My name is Kalidev Choudhury and I am a student at Georgetown University as well as the creator of The Lost Stories, a project dedicated to preserving the voices of all veterans unfiltered. This is done in order to bring about change for the present and future generations who will read these stories. 
   I started my project in the Summer of 2018. At the time, I was a volunteer for the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Palo Alto. Many veterans find it difficult to have their voices heard. Vietnam veterans, for example, spoke about the period after the war when they had to hide the fact that they were a veteran due to ostracism by society. Their thoughts had been shut out for a long time; some people still dislike talking about it.

  I decided to start The Lost Stories as a way to give these people a voice. My project does not focus on any specific group of veterans; anyone has something they want to say, and it needs to be heard now. 
   After I started my project, I partnered with the VA Palo Alto as well as numerous American Legion posts throughout California; organisations who support the cause. 

Please do not let your story die with you- current and future generations need to hear your voice.

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