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Anonymous Colonel

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

I served in the U.S for 2 years in Vietnam and 7 years in Germany. I was in the Corps of

Engineers as a combat engineer and was in charge of demolition, construction, etc. For the 2

years in Vietnam, I saw a bit of combat. My experience wasn’t so bad as others. It was a different part of the world. No bad after-effects for me like PTSD. I went to West Point and trained for the army. My father served, mother in law, son-in-law. Went straight in after West Point. Lifelong friends, many of them from West Point. West Point really shaped my character and my future. I even taught at West Point a few years later. I even taught the first class of women. Since high school, the military has been my life. The discipline you get going into the military was the biggest change for me. I retired from the military as a Colonel after 26 years of service, starting in 1964I. am proud to have served and I enjoyed what I did.


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