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David Miller

My name is David Miller and I served in the Navy between 1984-88 and 1990-93. Prior to entering the service, I had graduated high school; I eventually decided to join the military due to the available service schools, and I chose the Navy due to the prospect of travel. I went to welding school in California and became a structural welder for four years in the Pacific Northwest. I worked aboard the USS Francis Hammond in San Diego and Yokosuka, Japan before spending 6 months on the station in the Persian Gulf aboard the USS McKee.

One event I will never forget was witnessing a ship pulling in with a hole the size of a car in it; it was torn in battle, yet the ship was still able to keep afloat! My time in the military has taught me that life is fragile, and has equipped me with good decision-making as to when to and not to trust people. I made good friends with a few people who made my time much more memorable. Ultimately, I wish for the public to realize that democracy IS something worth fighting for, and that the military members going to war for it should not be neglected. Just because I retired from the service does not mean I should be forgotten.


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