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Anonymous Marine Security Guard

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

My name is Anonymous and I was a Seargent for the Marines from 1960-1966. The Cuban blockade was a motivating factor to serve, but it was mostly due to the fact that my foster father had served in the Navy.

I adapted well to the military lifestyle due to my physical fitness. I began my service in the Carolinas, then went to Washington D.C, followed up by Arlington, Virginia. My rank at the time was Sergeant and I was responsible for overseeing men. In Virginia, I went to the Marines Security Guard school.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, I was the presidential bodyguard in Costa Rica, followed by serving as the Embassy Guard in Guatemala. I delivered secret messages to agencies, a very dangerous job. The only plus side to my time was that I met my wife in Guatemala City.

While my story is not full of the same action as those who served in Vietnam, I am still proud to have served the country directly by protecting the head of the nation. I believe that war is not necessary and that it is the result of greed; what has war done for us? It has never worked to our benefit in recent history; rather, it is the reason why we continue to lose precious lives.


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