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Master Seargent Glen Harrison

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

"I feel as though every kid should serve 2 years out of high school; it really helps them get set on the right road in life."

My name is Glen Harrison and I was a Master Seargent in the Army from 1988-2011. At the time, everybody wanted to support the country in some way or another; at least, that is how it was where I was from. My father served in the marines, and before entering service, I was a truck driver. I started out in the Navy reserves before I decided to join active duty in the army.

The biggest change for me was the strict order that was maintained. There were always rules to go by and directions to follow. You had to act like a sponge in order to make it through; take everything in and try not to let it leak out.

I was initially stationed in the States before I was transferred to Korea, followed by Afghanistan. I was part of the Military Transition Team or MiTT for short. I worked as a combat advisor for a 10 man team and trained them on infantry tactics and the sort.

When it comes to combat, you gotta do what you gotta do. The fighting I was involved in was necessary to stay alive. For better or for worse, I made sure not to form too close bonds with other members on my team; I didn’t know a single person there, nor did I want to for fear of the pain I would go through if I were to lose them. On the battlefield, if you survive the chaos, you survive the battle. I had to go through hell and back, but I managed to make it through with minor PTSD and hearing loss. My losses are minuscule when compared to the true war heroes.

Overall, the military left lasting impacts on me. Adapting back to civilian life was a major effort on my part. In my opinion, war is required to maintain order and to protect ourselves. However, that does not mean it is always necessary. The military is not a democracy; there is no voting on commands, you just go with what is given. All in all, I am proud to have served my country. I feel as though every kid should serve 2 years out of high school; it really helps them get set on the right road in life. My nephew was going down the wrong path in life; enlisting in the marines truly straightened him out.


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